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Located in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs. Everyone is welcome to join our Friday Coffee Ride!


With Rain and Public Holidays, the club house has been closed for 3 weeks.  In the interim I have been approached by several parties seeking to purchase uniform.  for this reason, I will open the clubhouse for 1 hr on Eastern Monday between 4pm and 5pm for the sale of uniform.  We have lots of jerseys and knicks in stock and limited stock of wind jackets and long sleeve fleecy jackets.

Don’t forget, if you want arm and leg warmers, rain jackets, bandannas, head warmers, thermal jackets, etc etc etc, these can all be purchased via the Champion systems online store but act REALLY QUICKLY as the store closes on 23 April and then orders go into production.   Details below


A North ride will be conducted on Easter Monday starting from the front of the Bike Bug North Sydney at 6.30am sharp (not 6.35am)  The ride will go past the northern beaches to Church Point, then up the infamous McCarrs Creek climb then drop back down to Akuna Bay back home through the Northern Beaches, turn off and head to Manly where we will catch the Ferry across to Watsons Bay.  (If all goes well we will catch the 10.13am ferry) From there we will ride to Paddington for a well earned Coffee.  Click here for link to the ride.  See you 6.30am outside the Bike Bug

No Support Vehicle for Waterfall Ride (Easter Sunday)

Well we always new that this was probably unsustainable, however I must say that I am a little disappointed in that no one is prepared to give up their ride for the safety of their mates.cops to Canberra

Only a week ago we witnessed a number of serving Police officers riding to Canberra in support of Police Legacy.  This picture demonstrated that they were not taking any risks about putting their members in harms way.

An excellent article appeared in the Australian today outlining the shocking animosity  that exists between a portion (hopefully small) of the motoring public against cyclists.  Indeed it revisits the recent terrible Eastern Suburbs accident on Southern Cross Drive and puts names and identities to the victims as well as a version.  It also tells of how not only did these cyclists have to put up with terrible pain and horrific injuries but that afternoon, as soon as news of the crash was broadcast, Facebook was abuzz. “Sucked in,” wrote Dixon on a motoring Facebook page. “I see these cyclists riding every Saturday and Sunday and was wondering when they’d get hit.” Luke, of Newcastle, boasted: “I swerve to hit cyclists.” Nick reckoned it was a great shot: “Got seven in one hit.” Normie stated he will “never give way to a bicycle rider, I really don’t care what the law state, you have no rights in my book, and if you are in my way I will definitely give you a helping hand… stay the f..k off our road you leotard wearing faggots.”

There were hundreds of posts of this nature and the same sentiments were being expressed on the NSW Police Facebook page as well as in the comments section of major news organisations. The attitude from these motorists, be it a minority, was clear. As one wrote: “Yeah no one gives a f..k about cyclists if they are on the road mow the c..ts down.” They were echoing the tone set by the broadcaster Derryn Hinch, who described cyclists as “cockroaches on wheels”. Who wouldn’t want to squish them?

The good news is that  the Cronulla bunch will have a support vehicle.  Personally, with motorists like those mentioned above on the road, I will feel a little more secure knowing that the support car is behind me.  See you at 7am.

Important Announcements


Looking for volunteers to support the RBCC training rides south next Sunday. Please contact me asap


There will be no racing over the next 2 weekends given that they are Public Holiday weekends.  Next weekend is Easter and the following weekend is the Anzac Day ling weekend.  Racing will resume (weather permitting) on Saturday 3 May.



RBCC Online shop closes next Wednesday night (23 April)

ONLINE UNIFORM SHOP CLOSES WEDNESDAY EVENING (23 April)Randwick Botany Cycle Club_AU000044_ThermoShield Pro Jacket MWJ0


RBCC Uniform online store:  Some members missed the deadline and were unable to order uniform.  We have re-opened the store to take further orders.  The store will be open till 23 April after which orders will go into production and will be delivered about 4 weeks after that.

Goto:  http://custom.champ-sys.com.au/Login/en-AU/in.aspx

The initial login and password is: randwick.

After initial login you will be prevented with a screen to create a personal account with your own username and password after which you can order your uniform.

Please Note:  Rasor bib knicks and club cut jerseys can be purchased at the club.  Plenty of stock in all sizes (and you can get it NOW and not 6 weeks from now).


Colnago / Erik Mather Cup – Monday 21 April

The Colnago / Erik Mather Cup will be held on Easter Monday, 21 April, at the Eastern Creek Raceway (SMSP). Racing starts at 7am for all grades. This event is in memory of Erik Mather and is a graded scratch race across five grades. This years prize money totals over $4,500 in cash. It includes $750 cash for the A grade winner and prizes of $100 for the first woman in each grade. Trophy’s will also be presented to grade winners. Entries can be made through Cycling NSW. This major event is sponsored by Colnago and FRF Sports.

Entries can be made through Cycling NSW.

Benefits Of Membership:



  • We are the Friendly Club.  Men women and children of all ages are welcome.
  • Lots of social occasions and nearly every ride finishes at a cafe.
  • Bikes available for juniors and club uniform for junior members is half price which is well under cost.
  • Cheapest membership fees of most of the Sydney cycling clubs.
  • Training Rides 6 days of the week (all free)
  • RBCC conducts criterium racing every Saturday of the year (except for public holidays)
  • RBCC sponsorship monies are funneled back to the members in the form of subsidized race entry fees for RBCC members. Currently 100% subsidised.
  • All Club Championship Races are free.
  • Access to specialist qualified trainers if required.
  • Subsidised Annual Training Camp (Jindabyne) and Annual Dinner.
  • Based in the City of Randwick in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.  Location.

       Join on the day but better to do it in advance. Click Here

Randwick Botany Cycling Club

 Heffron Park – Saturday Criterium Racing START TIMES:-

  • Every Saturday (Except public holiday weekends) Weather permitting.
  • Juniors start at 2pm.
  • Seniors  A, B, C & D grades start promptly at 3pm.
  • You must race in your club uniform, unless entitled as a registered member of a Cycling NSW or Cycling Australian registered or International team, to wear registered team uniform.
  • All male (non junior) registered team members will be required to compete in the  A grade event.
  • Riders competing in their registered club uniform may compete in any grade, A, B, C or D, dependent on their ability as assessed by club handicapper.
  • Female registered team members will be allowed to compete in B grade event.

Assistants required to facilitate racing –  Marshal roster NOW PUBLISHED

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