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Located in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs. Everyone is welcome to join our Friday Coffee Ride!

Online clothing shop open for this week!

In an effort to make it easier for our members to purchase kit, we will be opening the online store more often. From store closing to delivery of gear is 4 weeks. The store will close again on Friday, 24 March so get your order in!!

With winter fast approaching, now is the time to stock up on any items you may need to keep you warm and dry!

To access the store use this link
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Don’t forget we do have stock of some standard items at the Clubhouse (basic jerseys, knicks, caps, socks, gloves, wind vests)  and you can purchase these on Saturdays while racing is on (providing we have what you want in stock!). Otherwise, treat yourself to something new or different as the possibilities are endless! Don’t forget also that Champion System offer a crash replacement offer of 30% of RRP should you have a mishap! Likewise all their products have a one year warranty!

Results 18 March 2017

Thanks to everyone that came down to Heffron Park this afternoon! It was touch and go with the weather and when we weren’t getting sunburnt we were getting wet!!! Big kudos to all the riders who braved the conditions and raced!

Racing wouldn’t have been possible without our awesome Volunteer team and a massive thank you to Geoff Hillbourne, Frank Caristo and Daniele Vanolini who spent nearly 1.5 hours sweeping and clearing the track which was in pretty bad shape after all the rain we have had.

The rest of the team were manning the fort – thanks to Anna Murray (First Aid), Charles Dalrymple-Hay, Conor O’Daly, Sue Henry and of course our Commissaire, Richard Jenkins. We also had some other helpers thanks Ollie, Pina and Liam!!

Well done to all the juniors who were first down to Heffron Park and had a session with Andrew Logan – it was awesome to see so many of you!

We had one starter for our Women’s Come and Try race, however we opted to postpone to next week with the hope of some fine weather!

Results were:

A Grade
1st – Tristan Cardew (SUVelo)
2nd -Liam Kelly (ESCC)
3rd – Jeremy Hopson (Bicisport)


Welcome to our new Committee Members

Recently we asked for expressions of interest to join the Committee and we are delighted to say that we had numerous members show their interest and subsequently we would like to welcome the following:

Bert Jansen – Treasurer

Bert has been a member of the Club since 2013 and enjoys racing on Saturday afternoons and training with the Club.  Since the birth of his young son his training has been disrupted, but he really wanted to be able to contribute to the Club and with his background in finance (previously working at Rabobank) and most recently at All Leasing, he is looking forward to taking on the role of Treasurer.


 Rick Jordan – General Committee Member
Rick has been a long standing member of the Club, joining in 2001, and will be well known to a lot of our members.  He has an IT background and has enjoyed much success over the years on and off the bike!  He loves time trialing and has been an active racing member over the years.   Rick will bring lots of energy and ideas to the Club to assist us with racing and also behind the scenes with everything technology related!


Conor O’Daly – General Committee Member
Conor joined the Club in 2014 to get fit and meet new people given he had moved to Australia from Ireland and was previously playing semi-professional rugby!  Finding that he really enjoyed cycling, Conor has gone onto great things, racing A grade and being part of the Mobius Project 63 MTB team.  Conor has to balance riding with the corporate life of an investment banker and is looking forward to representing our current and prospective younger
members and being involved in the long term development of the Club.


We ask you to join with us in welcoming Bert, Rick and Conor onto the Committee.

Results 11 March 2017

After what seemed like an eternity of rainy Saturday’s, the sun was shining and we had a great afternoon of racing! Thanks to the fabulous volunteer team of:  Sue Henry, Sam Carroll, Anna Murray, Christophe Gizardin, Brett Shearer, Matthew Passerini and Trevor Perry (First Aid).  Thanks also to our Chief Commissaire, Matthew Hynes!


A Grade: 

1st:  Chris Tune (Rapha)
2nd: Beau Heath (SCC)
3rd:  David Early (ESCC)


Results 18 February 2017

Thanks to all who raced on Saturday.  A good day was had by most and the weather stayed fine!  Thanks to the fabulous volunteer team of:  Darren Byers, Angus Leech, Daniel Kong, Michael Bogoevski, Russell Bartlett, Sue Henry and Trevor Perry (First Aid).  Thanks also to our Chief Commissaire, Richard Jenkins and to Bob Bykerk for taking some amazing photos (which are on our Facebook page!).


A Grade: 

1st:  Jeremy Hopson (Bicisport)
2nd: Matt Backhouse (ESCC)
3rd:  Scott Butler (RCC)


Online Store Open until 20th February

Need some new RBCC kit in time for the B2B and a busy winter of racing? Then look no further, the Champion System online store is now open! The store will be open until 20 February 2017 with orders to be delivered by 25 March 2017.

Click this link to go to Online Store

If you are a returning customer please login or alternatively register as a new customer.

Don’t forget we do have stock of some standard items at the Clubhouse and you can purchase these on Saturdays while racing is on (providing we have what you want in stock!). Otherwise, treat yourself to something new or different as the possibilities are endless! Don’t forget also that Champion System offer a crash replacement offer of 30% of RRP should you have a mishap!  Likewise all their products have a one year warranty!

2017 Masters Track National Championships

  At Dunc Gray – 4 WEEKS TO GO – ENTER TODAY Click to Enter

If you’re in the hunt for the Masters Track National Champion title make sure you enter before Sunday 26th February 2017 and stake your claim to the gold. 


  • Individual Track Time Trial Championships
  • Sprint Championships
  • Individual Pursuit Championships
  • Points/Scratch Race Championships

Schedule 8-11 March 2017

  • Wednesday 8/03  – Individual Track Time Trial
  • Thursday 9/03 – Sprint (MMAS 1-4), Individual Pursuit (MMAS 5-10 & WMAS 1-8)
  • Friday 10/03 – Individual Pursuit (MMAS 1-4), Sprint (MMAS 5-10 & WMAS 1-8)
  • Saturday 11/03  – Points/Scratch Race

Re: Resignation of Club President, John Buckton

Dear Members,

As you may be aware, after over 18 years as President of the Randwick Botany Cycling Club, John Buckton resigned from his role on the RBCC Committee yesterday.

John, along with his wife Joanne, have worked tirelessly and made a tremendous personal contribution to the Club as a whole, and to its members.

Without their positive influence, passion and diligence the Club would not be where it is today. John has led the development of the Club and has played a big part in ensuring that RBCC now has a recognised history of hosting competitive racing at Heffron Park for, what is now, 40 consecutive years.

John and Joanne’s legacy will live on in the future of the Club and we are proud that they are both life members of our Club.

On behalf of all members, we wish to thank John for his immense contribution as President and we all look forward to seeing him out on the road as an important member of the Club moving forward.

As a result of John’s resignation, the Committee had to meet today to discuss how this change is adjusted for. At this meeting it was unanimously agreed that in order to acknowledge the significance of John’s contribution to the Club, and out of respect for John’s achievements as President, the position of RBCC President should remain unfilled until the date of the next RBCC AGM.

In addition to John’s resignation the Committee has also received resignations from Anna Fortuna (Treasurer) and Richard Jenkins (General Committee Member). Anna and Richard have both also made a huge contribution to the Club over many years and have made positive contributions to the new Committee. On behalf of all the members we thank them for their strong and enduring contributions to the development of the Club, and we look forward to seeing them remain involved with the Club. We are also proud that Anna and Richard are life members of our Club.

Given these additional changes to the Committee, consideration also had to be given to how these roles are to be replaced. We are now seeking expressions of interest from the broader member base for people that may be interested in playing a more active role in the club (in relation to the role of Treasurer and General Committee Member). We would love to hear from people with an interest in accounting, a passion for sporting clubs and/or someone who is interested in supporting weekly racing and who might like to add value to the Committee. Please provide your expression of interest with the Secretary at secretary@randwickbotanycc.com by Friday 17 February 2017.

We are very much looking forward to continuing the success of the Randwick Botany Cycling Club and will be working hard to ensure that the legacy that John has created will live on.


David Jackson (Vice President), Sue Henry (Club Secretary), Shane Mattiske & Alex Rosenwax (General Committee Members)

Resignation of Club President, John Buckton.

Yesterday, 6 February 2017, I tendered my resignation as President of the Randwick Botany Cycling Club.

I have been a member of the Randwick Botany committee for one third of my life Indeed, I have been the club President for the past18 years.

Unfortunately, recent events which I would rather keep private, together with some personal and family health issues have forced me to reach the inevitable conclusion that I must resign as President, and from the committee of the Randwick Botany Cycling Club. I want to take this opportunity to thank all those who attended the last Annual General Meeting in December and who supported my nomination as President and voted for my team of long serving committee members and loyal supporters of the club. My only regret is that I cannot honour the fantastic support given to me by those faithful members by continuing in the role and for that, and to those loyal members I do humbly apologise. I would rather have served out my current term as President and simply not stood for election at the next AGM, but factors as stated previously have prevented this. (more…)

2017 Vantage Freight RBCC Jindabyne Training Camp

2017 was a fantastic trip.  Thanks to all who made it so, especially Ivan Jellic who organised the camp which saw just shy of 50 people enjoy a fantastic riding holiday this year.  Thanks to all the girls who ran support vehicles, Anna Joanne, Pina, Ollie, Beckie & Michelle.  Thanks to Rebecca Fortuna who took about 1000 photos and talking about photos here are the links to them:

Day 1 – Dead Horse Gap & Tom Groggin

Day 2 – Charlotte Pass

Day 3 – Dalgety & Beloka

RBCC Training Ride Diversions

Please note that RBCC training rides proceeding to La Perouse (other than Wednesday Reverse Snake pit ride which travels via Randwick Shopping Centre) will now do so via Doncaster Avenue.  Because of the Light Rail works in Anzac Parade, the club rides will no longer proceed south via Anzac Parade but rather will proceed south in Doncaster Avenue all the way to Gardeners Road, at which point we will turn left, enter the Kingsford roundabout and then exit to Anzac Parade and continue south past Souths Juniors to La Perouse. 

A similar diversion will occur on the reverse trip.

2017 Membership due now.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and here’s hoping that everyone will have an even greater, safe and happy New Year.  A last minute reminder before you get too caught up in festivities.

Your 2017 Membership Renewal with the Randwick Botany Cycling Club is due NOW.
If you are already a member you can renew now as your membership will expire on 31 December 2016.  
It is a single process.  When you affiliate with Cycling Australia, you also join Randwick Botany Cycling Club at the same time.  You can select to be either a Racing or non racing member. Please  Renew here!
John Buckton 

Christmas Day Ride

christmas-rideChristmas Day Ride 7am. All Clubs Christmas Day Ride… As in previous years, meeting up at Randwick gates of Centennial Park no later than 7am. We will then wait for SU Velo and Easts, (who are meeting in the park) to roll out through the gates and then together the 3 clubs will enjoy a friendly ride to La Perouse and back to Bar Coluzzi Darlinghurst for coffee.

No Racing Saturday 24 December.  Racing resumes at Heffron on Saturday 4 February 2017. Make sure you affiliate for 2017 ASAP.  Click here to do so.

RBCC Alternate Sunday Ride – Cronulla


The Sunday Cronulla ride has been very successful and growing.  There are still people however who will not go south because of their fear of Southern Cross Drive.  In light of the recent second Easts bunch incident on Southern Cross Drive, we have decided to by-pass this dangerous section of road.  Upon investigation a by-pass is not that difficult due to recent road changes.

The new route will proceed as per the course of the Giro de Kelloggs, however when we get to the bottom of Stephen Road at the intersection of Botany Road, we will turn right instead of the usual left.  We will then proceed north on Botany Road till we get to Hale Street Botany.  We will then turn left into Hale and follow it down to where it intersects (traffic light controlled) with Foreshore Road.  A right turn onto Foreshore Road and we only have to travel about 100 metres before we turn left into General Holmes Drive and another approximate 100 metres puts us into the Boeing Tunnel heading south.

Let’s try it and see how it goes.  See you Sunday morning.  Ride leaves at 7am sharp from the Randwick gates of Centennial Park.

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