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Located in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs. Everyone is welcome to join our Friday Coffee Ride!


With Winter approaching, we have opened to Champion Systems online shop till Sunday 22 March to receive orders.  Goto:  http://aucustom.champ-sys.com/Login/en-AU/in.aspx  If you have an existing account you can log straight in with your user name and password.  If you need to create an account you will have to email me for the temporary password.

We have Rasor knicks and club cut jerseys in stock so you will be unable to order these online, but you can order everything else including thermal gear etc.

Don’t forget that Easter is coming up on 3rd April and on Daylight Saving ends on Easter Sunday the 5th April.

Randwick Botany Uniform Policy for Saturday afternoon racing.

Everyone should be aware of Randwick Botany’s policy re wearing of uniform at Saturday racing.  The following is at the bottom of every race report:

Randwick Botany Cycling Club are well aware of the Cycling NSW uniform regulations.  However as race promoters we reserve the right to implement our own local race rules. All riders must race in their club registered uniform unless exempted as per the following circumstances. If your club has run out of stock of uniform (and this is confirmed by a club official) you may having sought permission from the promoter, race in a plain white or black jersey.
If you are entitled as a registered member of a Cycling NSW or Cycling Australian registered or International team, to wear registered team uniform.  All male (non junior) registered team members will be required to compete in the  A grade event.  Female registered team members and Junior male U17 riders on restricted gears will be allowed to compete in B grade event.

Now there are only 19 approved team uniforms on Cycling NSW website.

If you are not a member of an approved NRS team, or a professional team, or a member of one of the above 19 approved state teams, you will be ineligible to race on Saturday afternoons unless you compete in your registered club uniform.  We will be turning people away from next Saturday so be warned.


RBCC Sunday Training Rides

As you know we have A, B & C training rides on Sunday mornings.  We are now introducing a D ride.  The D ride will be 20 km shorter (the old Cronulla ride) and will start at 7am.  All rides leave from the Randwick gates of Centennial Park.  So the new line up is:

Waterfall C ride:  Leaves 6.15am sharp.

Waterfall A ride:  Leaves 6.30am sharp.

Waterfall B ride:  Leaves 2 or 3 mins after A ride (approximately 6.33am)

Cronulla D ride:  Leaves 7am sharp.

2015 NSW U19 & Elite Criterium Championships 28 March 2015.

2015 NSW U19 & Elite Criterium Championships

The Randwick Botany Cycling Club is promoting the NSW Criterium Championship on Saturday, 28th March 2015.  Our normal Saturday afternoon program will be conducted for Juniors at 2pm and Seniors at 3pm.

Assistants for Track set-up and marshalling are required between 9am and 1pm. Thanks to Luke & Terese Drummond who are doing the afternoon shift. So if you can assist please contact here:  (YES you will qualify for the $60 RBCC rebate for uniform and/or race entry)

NSW Criterium Championships Start Time: 

  • 9:00am – Warm-up
  • 10:00am – First Race


  • Event 1 – 10:00am – JM19 – 30mins + 3 laps 
  • Event 2 – 10:45am – JW19 & Elite Women – 30min + 3 laps
  • Event 3 – 11:30am – U23 Men – 50mins + 3 laps
  • Event 4 – 12:30am – Elite Men – 60mins + 3 laps

Age Categories & Eligibility:

  • JW19, JM19, U23, Elite Women & Elite Men

To register for the NSW Criterium Championships, click here……

RBCC Uniform (Club cut or Race Cut)

As many of you probably know, our uniform supplier has two “cuts” for jerseys.  The club keeps “Club Cut” in stock but “Race cut” is available via special orders if you are prepared to wait a while for it to be manufactured.  Now personally, I prefer the Club Cut but if you are one of those people who want your jersey spray painted on, you can go for the Race Cut.  Well they reckon a picture is worth a thousand words, so here is one of our RBCC models showing off the very flattering race cut jersey.  Note how it hugs the masculine contours of his body.

Rockstar race cut

Results 28 February 2015

A GRADE 18 laps 36.36km,  Time: 00:55:43, Avg Speed: 39.16Km/hr,  Avg Laptime: 00:03:06A_28_feb_15
2nd Mark KEEFFE (LACC)
3rd Matthew LUCAS (RBCC) Please note: Matthew Lucas left prior to presentation.  We were therefore forced to find a “Body Double” for Matthew.  Luckily, Bazza Mourad, who is almost a dead ringer, not only in body shape but also haircut and features, kindly stepped up to the podium to accept the award for Matty.  On behalf of Matt, thanks Bazza. (more…)

RBCC Sunday Waterfall Rides

A, B & C rides.

As you probably all know, we now have 3 rides going to Waterfall of a Sunday which is great as it links people of similar abilities and keeps the bunch size down so that we don’t have so many conflicts with red lights and at intersections.

C Group:  The C Group leaves at 6.15am (sharp) from usual starting point.

A Group:  The A group leaves at 6.30am (sharp) from usual starting point

B Group:  B group will wait till A group gets through first set of traffic lights which usually sees us leave about 6.32am.

For those who don’t know:  The usual starting point is the Randwick gates of Centennial Park.  See you tomorrow weather permitting.

Club Professionalism

Congratulations RBCC members.  As President, I have been very proud of late to see everyone proudly wearing their club kit and showcasing both the club and its sponsors.  It shows team spirit, club pride and we look very professional out there on the road.  I am sure that like me our sponsors are equally happy.  Keep up the great work.  Thanks to Carmine Di Campli who took some great photos of the Friday Coffee ride at La Perouse.

Now for those who can help, we are having a working bee this Sunday 18 Jan to move everything from the old club house to the new.  If you can come down and help you would be most welcome.  By all means bring your trolly, broom and vacuum cleaners.  Many hands make light work.

RBCC (A, B & C) Sunday Waterfall Rides

We now have a Sunday Waterfall “C” ride.  This ride leaves the Randwick gates of Centennial Park at 6am.  Your ride captain is none other than Rocky Fortuna.  The pace is very leisurely so this ride is recommended for weaker riders and riders coming back from injury or time off the bike.

The A & B rides will leave at 6.30am with A rolling out 6.30am on the dot and B rolling out about a minute or 2 later.   There was a bit of reluctance by usual A riders to roll out last week and as a result the 2 groups went together.  This resulted in a quicker than usual pace for some B’s who were not able to keep up and also the huge group had issues with traffic lights.  This cannot be allowed to happen again so B will NOT be rolling out till the A’s have left.

See you all tomorrow.  Weather permitting of course

IMPORTANT Notice before you ride in 2015

Hi all, before you go adding those 2015 k’s to Strava, I hope you have all remembered to renew your licenses for 2015.  All Gold and Silver licenses expired as of Midnight 31 Dec (effectively whilst you were watching the fireworks so too did your license go up in smoke) and as such not only are you non financial members of your club but more importantly you are not covered by insurance when you go out for your ride.  Re-register immediately here…………

RIDE FOR JACK next Sunday 21 December.

One of our members, Raf Del Vecchio, has asked to support hisJack photo

“Do it for Jack” ride this Sunday.

Raf is the former director of Police Legacy and recently became aware that the son of a  friend of his  (7 year old Jack) has an inoperable brain tumour. See link here

The ride details are as follows:

Date                      Sunday 21 December 2014

Start                      Centennial Park Darley Road Gates – 6am

Route                    Kurnell / La Perouse / Centennial Park

Distance               Approx 100kms

I am going to do this ride with Rocky Fortuna, Raf and others and I would call on any of the Waterfall B group (indeed A group as well) to come and have a ride with us and support this worthy cause.

Raf has said that there is absolutely no obligation for you to do anything other than turn up and ride. However I would hope that that we can show Jack and his family a little RBCC genorocity. If you wish to donate (and receive a tax invoice) the fund numbers can be found here:


Post Ride Note:

Ride was well supported.  Thanks to the RBCC members who came out on the ride.ride for Jack

Here’s the gang at Kurnell.

Christmas Pudding Races

Christmas puddingNext Saturday 13 December, weather permitting, RBCC will host it’s annual Christmas Pudding races at Heffron Park, usual starting time at 3pm for Seniors. In addition to the usual prize money, 1st, 2nd & 3rd place getters will receive a Christmas Pudding !

At the completion of racing, there will be a scrumptious afternoon tea with all manner of culinary delights.  All are welcome to come and enjoy the afternoon with us.

Don’t forget that this concludes Saturday racing for 2014.  Racing will recommence the week after the Australia Day Public holiday weekend on 31 January 2015.  A & B grades should be filled to the max after all your Christmas, New Year training rides.  See you then.

2014 Christmas Party & Presentation Night

A great night was had by all in the new more casual venue.  Thanks to Alex Hinds for being MC.

Club persons of the year

Meet our RBCC Club “Persons” of the year.  Father and son teams, Andy and Robert Matthews and Jose and Myles(absent) Rodrigeuz.  These 4 RBCC stalwarts happily volunteered time and time again to assist with track set up and marshalling duties.  Saturday riders should be very grateful of the efforts of these guys as without their support we would not have been able to hold Saturday racing on numerous days. Thanks guys. (more…)

RBCC Christmas Party 7 December 2014

RBCC Christmas party

This year’s RBCC Christmas Party (get together) will be at the Coach and Horses Hotel in Randwick on Sunday afternoon 7th December.

It will also incorporate the Presentation of awards for our club championship series.  There will be drinks and finger food in a more casual setting  from 3pm to 7pm.  For those who want to kick on, there is a nice restaurant if you wish to have dinner afterwards.  I know Joanne and I will be.

SBS Celebrity (and RBCC member) Alex Hinds has kindly offered to MC this year so that I am sure will be a pleasant break for everyone from having to listen to me for about the past 20 years.

Please Click Here and  fill in the form to register if you are coming.
This will help us with catering. (We don’t want to run out of finger food !)

Final Round RBCC Club Championships Sunday 21 September 2014

Next Sunday is the final round of the RBCC Club Championships and round 3 of the Criterium championships.  Race is at the Sutherland criterium circuit.  A Club ride will leave the Randwick Gates of Centennial Park at 7.30am for a nice warm up to Sutherland shopping centre where we will get race ready with a nice caffeine hit and some cargo loading.  Race starts at 10am at the Sutherland Criterium circuit.  If you can assist please let me know as poor Joanne has to try and get 7 placed in 3 grades.  See you there.

RBCC Club Road Racing Championships at Eastern Creek.

Eastern Creek Cub Championship Race SATURDAY AUGUST 30 2014
Run and won. A great morning had by all as whilst it was pelting down in the Eastern Suburbs, it was fine at Eastern Creek despite for minor spitting on the last couple of laps of the race.  Results here…..   Don’t forget the next round of the Club Championships, the Individual Time Trial at Calga next weekend Sunday 7 September.

Buon viaggio Anna

On behalf of all RBCC members, and I am sure many from the other clubs as well, I would like to wish Anna Fortuna, Buon Viaggio as she heads off to Italy for a month tomorrow.  That’s the good news.  Now the bad news is that no one has stepped up to the plate to run the club canteen in her absence so unfortunately we have to shut the canteen over the following Satudays:  Saturday Aug 23, Aug 30, September 6 & September 13.  Make sure you bring sufficient water and eats to the club as nothing will be available for sale.  You think we have it tough?  Rocky does not even know where the soap powder goes into the washing machine.

Waterfall (Vehicle escorted) ride Sun 27 July

Firstly, Big thank you to Jose Rodriguez, Alex Rosenwax and Jeff Coulton, all who have offered to be escort car drivers for this ride.  Jose, I will take you up on your kind off for this Sunday but before we do lets get some indication of numbers of people who will be participating in this ride.  This training ride will be conducted, weather permitting, providing we get sufficient numbers, so please indicate your intention on the RBCC group Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/randwickbotanycc/

Round 2 Club Championships 2014

The 20km Individual Time Trial (round 2 of the club championships) is at Penrith Regatta Centre next Sunday 6 July
Thanks once again to Penrith CC for doing all the organising. Sign on is from 7am and Randwick riders will be going off first from 8am. There is a separate sign on sheet for RBCC.

Entries are free for RBCC riders so there is nothing stopping you coming out to try and beat the RBCC which is 25.59.Regatta centre group

A flash back a few years shows the beautiful backdrop and all the smiling faces.   It’s dead flat – so suits most people.  See you out there and bring your winter woolies !

First Round RBCC Club Championships Saturday 21 June 2014

The 2014 RBCC Club Championships started with the “One Lapper” at Heffron Park.  Thanks to all who assisted.  There was lots of coughing after so it was obvious that everyone gave it their best.  Congratulations to Tom Sacre, 1st place overall, in a time of 2min 41 seconds.

ATom Sacre02:41.710
AMarcus Enno02:46.08
AMike Cameron02:47.26
ABlake Anderson02:49.15
ADaniele Vanolini02:49.14
ARobbie Cater02:50.13
AEivind Borgersen02:51.82
AJason Douglas02:52.11
ARandolph Baral02:55.981
ADave Jackson02:57.31
AAllan Smith02:59.21
BNick Bowd03:00.710
BDarren Byers03:00.78
BRocky Zhang03:03.16
BJohn Thomas03:03.25
BAndy Matthews03:04.14
BDarrin Tucker03:04.13
BCon Karantonis03:05.02
BBen Heuston03:05.81
BTom Griffiths03:05.81
BShane Mattiske03:07.71
CJohn Buckton03:09.110
CAndrew Galvin03:09.68
CAndrew Logan03:09.96
CPaul McCutcheon03:09.95
CAndrew Lang03:11.74
CAlex Rosenwax03:13.63
CPete Tancevski03:17.02
CGary Brouwer03:26.01
CAnna Murray03:26.61
CCharles Dalrymple Hay03:27.91
JJunior 1 lap0
JSimon Brophy04:04.50
JSandy Mititeld04:04.60
JRobert Matthews04:05.30
JLucas Walker05:18.30

PLEASE NOTE: To see running tally of 2014 Club Championship Pointscore, click button above entitled, PointScore 2014.

Benefits Of Membership:



  • We are the Friendly Club.  Men women and children of all ages are welcome.
  • Lots of social occasions and nearly every ride finishes at a cafe.
  • Bikes available for juniors and club uniform for junior members is half price which is well under cost.
  • Cheapest membership fees of most of the Sydney cycling clubs.
  • Training Rides 6 days of the week (all free)
  • RBCC conducts criterium racing every Saturday of the year (except for public holidays)
  • RBCC sponsorship monies are funneled back to the members in the form of subsidized race entry fees for RBCC members. Currently 100% subsidised.
  • All Club Championship Races are free.
  • Access to specialist qualified trainers if required.
  • Subsidised Annual Training Camp (Jindabyne) and Annual Dinner.
  • Based in the City of Randwick in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.  Location.

       Join on the day but better to do it in advance. Click Here

Randwick Botany Cycling Club

 Heffron Park – Saturday Criterium Racing START TIMES:-

  • Every Saturday (Except public holiday weekends) Weather permitting.
  • Juniors start at 2pm.
  • Seniors  A, B, C & D grades start promptly at 3pm.
  • You must race in your club uniform, unless entitled as a registered member of a Cycling NSW or Cycling Australian registered or International team, to wear registered team uniform.
  • All male (non junior) registered team members will be required to compete in the  A grade event.
  • Riders competing in their registered club uniform may compete in any grade, A, B, C or D, dependent on their ability as assessed by club handicapper.
  • Female registered team members will be allowed to compete in B grade event.

Assistants required to facilitate racing –  Marshal roster NOW PUBLISHED

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