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Month – November 2013

Speedplay Lubrication Tips –

Many riders neglect their Speedplays. They will wear out faster.

If they spin more than one turn when you spin them with your finger then they need lubrication.
A Speedplay Gun is best but you can use another gun if it has a small enough injector needle.
It must also have the correct grease. Non water soluble as specified by Speedplay.

You only have to remove the outer screw. Do not remove the plug.
Force the grease into the screw hole until it exudes from the spindle.
Make sure the plug remains in snug and replace the screw.

Wipe of excess grease. It takes about 2 minutes.
The pedal will now spin freely only about a half turn. This is correct.

gary rw

Cycling Tips – Brake Lever Play

image001Hi all,

Brake lever play is important When a road bike’s brakes are ideally adjusted, you’ll be able to pull the brake levers ¼ of the way to the handlebar before the pads touch the rims. This play in the lever travel is useful for three reasons : First, it helps you find just the right braking power. If the pads touch the rims as soon as the levers are pulled, it’s hard to feather them for smoothly graduated braking. Of course, for obvious reasons you don’t want the levers to reach the bar before you attain full braking power.

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