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Month – November 2013

Sat 9 November 2013

The following are results for Randwick Botany Cycling Club Saturday racing at Heffron Park, Maroubra held on Sat 9 November 2013.

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Randwick Botany Cycling Club is proudly sponsored by a number of sponsors all featured to the right. Our major sponsors are Vantage Freight, Carroll & O’Dea Lawyers, Bike Bug North Sydney, Marchese Partners & Costin Roe Consulting. Bike Bug is offering all Randwick Botany members a 15% discount off parts and accessories.

To help us facilitate great, safe and enjoyable racing at Heffron Park requires contribution from our members. Your contribution is vital in that without your assistance we would be unable to conduct these races. You can see the Duty Roster here. To nominate to assist on a date, please go here. REMEMBER – We need you there at 1.30pm to help with track set-up. If you turn up late then it will be deemed that you have not completed your 1 day per year duty.


A GRADE 18 laps 36.36km, Time: 00:55:30, Avg Speed: 39.31Km/hr, Avg Laptime: 00:03:05


1st Tom SACRE (RBCC)
2nd Robert Cater (RBCC)
3rd Duncan Houston (BICISPORT)


Program versus practising technique

New riders join the sport for many reasons – fitness, the social aspect or to achieve specific goals. Sometimes it is much easier to achieve specific goals by riding to a program.   There are many new riders that get benefit from following a program and it does help with fitness & heading towards a goal.
However, most programs specific to an individual rider are best done alone.  The rider has to ride in exact heart rate zones and so end up doing the repetitions and training exercises alone. This can be very beneficial but it also has some drawbacks.
You may start riding in a group and enjoy the camaraderie and you can miss this when doing a solitary training program. And not only that but you may not practice your riding skills while focusing on heart rate.   So fitness improves but techniques and bunch riding skills don’t.  There are also benefits to training in a group as you will be pushed by the faster riders and improve sprinting/attacks and group skills such as pacelines and team time trialling.


There has to be a balance between both programs and specific group skills.   All this improves your riding craft which will make you more confident and a safe & better overall rider. Don’t get me wrong a program can improve you but you still need to incorporate specific group training to keep you motivated and to do those things you may not be good at.

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