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Month – December 2013

Tuesday Ride Report by fabian

Out this Christmas Eve was Anna, Branson, Stu, Sianne, gary = RW, SF =ray, Ross, Andrew, Roger and Janyon.

There was no sign of Mary, which was understandable awaiting Jesus’ arrival tomorrow and so we set off some of us as wise men, others as shepherds and the rest as lowly oxen forging along with the heavy burden of the hills ahead.
It was a comfortable pace heading along McPherson Rd and SF was first to descend into the little town O’ Bronte, but soon after he tired coming to rest in Murray St. It was here he heard the voice of Roger call unto him. “My son, SF why have you come to rest here get thee up and cycle your wayeth to Bondi much rejoicing awaits thee this morrow for the good news will cometh”
SF cried out into the twilight “If this be your will Roger then gladly I follow”  and with that we rolled on down Hewlett St to Tamarama. Our journey was quick and soon we rose up the small hill overlooking the wicked town of Bondi.

Christmas 2013 Training rides



Christmas Day ride:  Start 7am Randwick gates of Centennial Park.  Out to La Perouse and then return to Coluzzi Kings Cross for coffee.

Boxing Day ride:  Start 7am Randwick gates of Centennial Park.  South to Waterfall and then through National Park.  Anyone who needs to get back early or finds the distance a little daunting can turn at Sutherland and/or Waterfall.





CharlottesThe Australia Day public holiday falls on the Saturday this year, so the camp riding days will be; Saturday 25, Sunday 26 & Mon 27 January 2014
(Accommodation is for Fri, Sat and Sun nights).
This year, the standard of the camp will be lifted and we have procured a new venue, Horizons (Rydges Horizons Snowy Mountains)  This camp is for current affiliated members of RBCC. Please ensure that your 2014 affiliation is paid.

Benefits Of Membership:



  • We are the Friendly Club.  Men women and children of all ages are welcome.
  • Lots of social occasions and nearly every ride finishes at a cafe.
  • Bikes available for juniors and club uniform for junior members is half price which is well under cost.
  • Cheapest membership fees of most of the Sydney cycling clubs.
  • Training Rides 6 days of the week (all free)
  • RBCC conducts criterium racing every Saturday of the year (except for public holidays)
  • RBCC sponsorship monies are funneled back to the members in the form of subsidized race entry fees for RBCC members. Currently 100% subsidised.
  • All Club Championship Races are free.
  • Access to specialist qualified trainers if required.
  • Subsidised Annual Training Camp (Jindabyne) and Annual Dinner.
  • Based in the City of Randwick in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.  Location.

       Join on the day but better to do it in advance. Click Here

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