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Month – March 2014

Cronulla Bunch 30 March 2014

cronulla_bunch30mar14Thanks to David Crampton and Con Karantonis who escorted our training rides south this morning (Sunday 30 March).  Above picture of the bunch from escort vehicle as the bunch travels the infamous Southern Cross Drive Eastlakes.  Whilst we did not see the 6.30am RBCC Waterfall bunch, we were passed just after the Taren Point Bridge by the Eastern Suburbs bunch.  As the last rider passed, I saw none other than Mr Frank Conceicao at the wheel of the Subaru Team car escorting them as well.  Whilst much was in the press about Easts avoiding Southern Cross Drive, I can only assume, given the tail car, that they too returned via Southern Cross Drive.  For everyone’s safety, it is our hope that volunteers come forward each week to ensure the safety of their riding mates.  Having said that, I am waiting for a volunteer to escort the Waterfall bunch next Sunday.  The Cronulla bunch is covered. Please contact me asap if you can assist as driver.

RBCC Online shop closes next Wednesday night (23 April)

ONLINE UNIFORM SHOP CLOSES WEDNESDAY EVENING (23 April)Randwick Botany Cycle Club_AU000044_ThermoShield Pro Jacket MWJ0


RBCC Uniform online store:  Some members missed the deadline and were unable to order uniform.  We have re-opened the store to take further orders.  The store will be open till 23 April after which orders will go into production and will be delivered about 4 weeks after that.

Goto:  http://custom.champ-sys.com.au/Login/en-AU/in.aspx

The initial login and password is: randwick.

After initial login you will be prevented with a screen to create a personal account with your own username and password after which you can order your uniform.

Please Note:  Rasor bib knicks and club cut jerseys can be purchased at the club.  Plenty of stock in all sizes (and you can get it NOW and not 6 weeks from now).


Successful Inaugural Vehicle Supported Training Rides.



Happy to report that both the RBCC Sunday rides, complete with support vehicles, went even better than anticipated. Thanks to Darren Tucker who supported the 6.30am Waterfall ride.  Thanks to Jose Rodrigeus for supporting the 7am Cronulla ride.  Speaking for myself, I know that I felt much safer knowing that Jose was behind us on the highway sections.  It was great to hear his horn beep twice knowing that he had changed lanes and was signalling us over in safety.  Darren reported that he was quite surprised when passing cars waved at him and gave him the thumbs up.  We got a lot of positive support from the motoring public which was great to see.

The difficulty of course will be keeping this momentum going.  Getting people to volunteer every week for 2 rides.  I can tell you that the Cronulla ride has a support vehicle for the next 2 weeks with David Crampton kindly offering to drive the support vehicle next Sunday.  We are going to need some volunteers to assist the Waterfall ride.

There were a couple of people who questioned the legality of a support vehicle.  I can tell you that we were passed by a Police bike.  Jose also had a Highway Patrol vehicle sit in behind him and observe things for a while, after which he put his blinker on, changed lanes, and casually proceeded past the support vehicle and the cyclists and disappeared into the forward beyond.  Clearly these Police could see that we were doing the right thing in ensuring the safety of our riders and indeed the wider motoring public in displaying caution signs to them.

If you can help as support driver then please contact me ASAP.

John Buckton
President RBCC


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