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Located in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs. Everyone is welcome to join our Friday Coffee Ride!

Month – April 2014

Big Thank you to Daniel Kong your vehicle support driver for Waterfall Bunch this Sunday 6 April

Thanks to both our support drivers this week.  Eric Ravier and Daniel Kong who despite the bad weather, turned up to rain_cloud_clip_artsupport the Waterfall & Cronulla  bunches.  Given the horrendous conditions, it was not unexpected that both found no riders to escort. But I would like to give them a huge thank you anyway for getting out of bed and going to the start of the ride anyway.  We can and should keep this initiative going.  All that is required is for one of you to forsake your ride for one Sunday to ensure the safety of your mates and vice versa.  Let me know if you can assist in coming weeks.  PLEASE contact me.

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