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Month – November 2015

D Grade is BACK !! (starting Saturday 5 Dec 15)

I hope I don’t embarrass anyone but here is a flashback to November 2007:

D  Grade  20km 10 Laps  Time 37:37   Av speed 32.2kph,   Av Lap Time:  3min 46 secs24_Nov_07_D podium



1st Nathan Bonarius (RBCC/FRF)

2nd David Price (RBCC/FRF)

3rd  Camille Reed (RBCC/FRF)

Not only did we have a D grade but we had an E grade and it is time to bring D grade back. Many “serial” trainers are concerned about racing.  Well next week D Grade is back and it will have John Buckton, a rolling Commissaire in it to ensure that it is conducted as safely as possible.  We already have about half dozen starters.  Make sure that you have a full (gold) racing license and we will see you at registration from 2.30pm.  Let us know if you intend to enter D grade via our Facebook page.

Randwick Botany Christmas Party & Presentation Award Ceremony

The RBCC Christmas party and presentation award ceremony will be held at 3pm on Sunday 6 December at new venue, The Lakes Hotel at Rosebery.IMG_6937
Pictured above is the area which has been put aside for our exclusive use.  Everyone is most welcome and I am sure that we will all have a great time.  Cost is only $20 per head and we will be enjoying some delicious finger food (platters and platters of them). Kids 15 years old and under are FREE !

Please let us know if you are coming as soon as possible which will assist us greatly in terms of catering, by sending your payment through to our Treasurer, Anna Fortuna with following bank details

Make Payment: to:     BSB: 062125

A/C Number: 00800035 (Randwick Botany Cycling Club).

Don’t forget to put your name and the details of your payment in the reference field, example (Jellic x 2) or (Buckton x 1.)  Please send a remittance advice email to treasurer@randwickbotanycc.com, as well so she can keep track of who has paid.


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