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Month – February 2016

The Costin Roe Consulting County Racing Series and implementation with RBCC Club Championships

The Costin Roe Consulting Country Racing Series will be staged over a series of events (listed at the right hand side of the website).  The first one at Orange is coming up REALLY SOON !strata and costinroe

Members who attend these opens will get 5 attendance points towards the Overall Road Race championship point score.  If you happen to win a Country open you will get an additional 20 points for a win, 15 for a second and 10 for a third (subject to the race sub committee’s thumbs up).  So no longer will it be the winner of the Eastern Creek round of the RBCC championship who takes home the Road Race Champion trophy, it will be the member who does well at both the Country opens and the RBCC round of the championship.


Darren Tucker (0439 133 243 )is the event captain and will be organising transport for those who want it.  You can find out information about the Orange Challenge here

RBCC Sponsors for 2016 to 2018

Our 2016 to Dec 31 2018 uniform is now 100% locked in.  The final position is filled and on behalf of the club I would like to welcome AMA Windows aboard.  Happily we can now go into production and order our new uniform for the next 3 years.

AMA windows





We would also like to welcome back Costin Roe Consulting.strata and costinroe


It is my great pleasure to inform members that our major sponsor,
Vantage Freight is sponsoring RBCC for another 3 years.  CEO of Vantage, Dave “Knuckles” Crampton informed  me that he always feels proud when he sees the guys on the road.


I am also pleased to announce that long term club sponsors, Carroll & O’Dea Lawyers, and Bike Bug have similarly jumped onboard without hesitation as has catvet.com.au, and Guardian Global Systems


It’s great to have you onboard.







Welcome also to new club sponsor:   birdvet.com.au



Our club survives via sponsorship and it is clear that our sponsors love to see their organisations/companies showcased via the uniform and proudly worn by RBCC members when we are out there in public.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the sponsors of the Randwick Botany Cycling Club for both past and future ongoing support.

I would like to wish Dave, the best of luck for next Saturday when he competes in the final round of the Radical Australia Cup.

KnucklesTo see David and the Vantage Freight Radical in action click here.

Also don’t forget the Vantage Freight Jindabyne high altitude Training Camp


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