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Month – May 2016

RBCC Club Championships -Round 1- June 11


The first round of the RBCC Club Championships, the individual Time Trial was  held on June 11 2016 at West Head by courtesy of the Manly Warringah Cycling Club.image002

A lot of RBCC members were in action over the long weekend.  The weather was perfect but the mercury has definitely dropped and winter is upon us!


D Graders – Where are you ?????

At the beginning of this year, I rallied the troops and we got a good D grade race happening on Saturday afternoon at Heffron.  Now some of those who raced D grade, Like George Mussels, Ian Ross, and Stuart Harvey advanced their fitness so quickly over the weeks that they have moved on to C grade.  I know that the speed of D grade went up as these riders got fitter and hopefully that has not scared people away. (it’s down again now)20_Feb_16_D

Now I know that for some of you, you think racing is dangerous but I can tell you that, the second place getter in the photo above is currently in hospital recovering from an “Ice skating” incident and the third place getter is off suffering with a shoulder injury from playing touch football.  So there, I have proved to you that it is more unsafe to do other sports. By the way you also don’t have to worry about the fierce looking 14 year old (No 1 on the podium) as young Antoine has moved up to C grade having continued week to week in kicking our respective backsides.

So I hope I have proved to you that D grade is safe, certainly more so than ice skating and/or touch football.  I hope that I have proved, given that 12 year old and 13 year old kids are in this grade, that it is not intimidating.  So really, what other excuse can you have for not racing?

So we want to get numbers happening in D grade again. John Kempler complete with new bionic hip wants to take on all comers and we want to see these former D grade racers competing again:

Maurice Baroni

Brett Annesley

Chris Georgas

Paul Serof

Lewis O’Brien

Shahrzad  Shahnia

Tanya Newton

Graham Ferguson

But NOT ONLY these, the invite is open to everyone (except A, B & C graders) If you train once or twice a week then you can race.  So have a go !

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