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Month – June 2016

Battle Of The Bridge – Club 4 way. Norths, Manly, SuVelo & RBCC 25 June 2016

A GRADE 18 laps 36.36km,  Time: 00:51:33, Avg Speed: 42.32Km/hr,  Avg Laptime: 00:02:52battle_of_the _bridge_25June16_A
1st Jesse Coyle (SYDUNI)
2nd Nathan Bonarius (SYDUNI)
3rd Michael Cupitt (NORTHSYD)


B GRADE 16 laps 32.32km,  Time: 00:48:24, Avg Speed: 40.07Km/hr,  Avg Laptime: 00:03:02battle_of_the _bridge_25June16_B
1st Christopher TAYLOR (MANLY)


C GRADE 14 laps 28.28km,  Time: 00:47:32, Avg Speed: 35.70Km/hr,  Avg Laptime: 00:03:24battle_of_the _bridge_25June16_C
1st David LEON (SYDUNI)
2nd Peter Beaumont (NORTHSYD)
3rd Tim Fitzpatrick (NORTHSYD) (more…)

Round 1 – Battle of the Bridge – Tomorrow – Sat 25 June 2016.

Don’t Forget !  Battle Of The Bridge (4 rounds)

Tomorrow is Round 1: (25 June at Heffron Park)

Don’t forget that this is a interclub 4 way.   RBCC and SUVelo of the south will take on  Manly & North Sydney of the north.   Sorry riders from other clubs, but normal racing for you will resume Saturday after.

                 2pm:   D Grade and Women’s race
                 3pm:   A, B & C Grades.
Post image for Battle Of The Bridge

Be ready to do battle for your club as we Battle for the Bridge against NSCC, RBCC and SUVelo. It is time to take a stand, represent your club and ensure that we take all of the glory in this inaugural interclub series. Will you stand up and be counted?

This new interclub series promises some galactic sized battles from West Head, to Heffron and Beaumont Road. This is a new format and style of racing to be introduced to the Sydney scene for the clubs involved. Each club will have the home ground advantage in one of the rounds as the other clubs will look to invade and take the loot on offer.

Run over four rounds, each club will be looking to collect points by having riders on the podium in grades A-C and a separate women’s grade. The clubs will be running their usual formats and so we will have the twisting and turning Heffron Park for SUVelo and RBCC. With Heffron the wind is often more pronounced and produces different racing on a Saturday afternoon at Heffron with RBCC compared to the calmer conditions of early morning racing with SUVelo. The West Head round will be a rolling gauntlet for the other clubs as we will look to dominate in all grades with our home ground advantage and similarly Northern Sydney will know how to time that sprint finish at Beaumont Road.


Each round will only be open to the 4 clubs within the series, so you will clearly know who you are working with and who you are marking. Can alliances be formed between clubs? Who knows, plenty of things happen out on the road in the heat of battle.

The four dates for the Battle Of The Bridge are as follows: 

25th June – Randwick Botany, Heffron Park (please note that racing will not be OPEN on this date – It is a 4 way meeting and only the 4 clubs mentioned will be eligible to compete)

10th July – Manly Warringah, West Head

21st August – Northern Sydney, Beaumont Road

28th August – SUVelo, Heffron Park

Attendance at each of the rounds will also earn you valuable points towards the MWCC Club Championship.


RBCC Track Team

Great first night turnout by the RBCC Track Team at Raw Track on Friday 17 June 2016 (Friday nights at Dunc Gray velodrome)  Pictured from Left: Darryl Thorncraft, Matt Glanville, Daniel Morressy, Sharif Shockair , Charles Dalrymple-Hay, Dave Stevens, Julian Wills, Blake Ryan, Ian Atkin, Geoff Baxter, Gavin White, Brett Scruse. Devon Middleditch (not in photo)

Missing from the team on Friday was Dave Willmott, Nathan Mclaughlan, Chris Murray, Peter Selkrig, Jayson Austin, Robbie Cater, Adam Martin  & Danny Hennessy.

Now this is a pretty high calibre team with many of the team members being current or previous world Masters Champions and/or World record holders.  We also have National and State champions and for something different Brett Scruse (pictured far right above) is the current World 45+ BMX Champion, having won the title in Columbia!

Palmeres of the Randwick Botany Track Team  (This is impressive) (more…)

Battle of the Bridge. Round 1 Heffron 25 June 2016

Battle Of The Bridge (4 rounds)

Don’t forget that round 1 is almost here (25 June at Heffron Park)

                 2pm:   D Grade and Women’s race
                 3pm:   A, B & C Grades.

You can enter online here:  https://trybooking.com/LITV

By using the Online Entry Portal you can pre-purchase entry into all 4 rounds for $60.  In other words, all rounds, including round 1 at Heffron will only cost you $15 entry rather than the usual $20.  If you elect to pay on the day at registration cost will be $20 as per normal.   (more…)

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