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Juniors Saturday Program – Term 1 for 2018

Welcome back to the new school year, which means the Junior cycling is back on from this Saturday 3 February 2018.  We have exciting plans which RBCC Committee are encouraging and supporting.

Note that Junior Saturday racing will start 1.45pm for warm ups then 2pm with 2 lap Peleton riding then skills and races until 3pm every Saturday weather permitting.  Depending on wind strength and other factors  the planned session may change at the last minute.

Attached is a spreadsheet showing the dates of Junior racing for 2018.  We will be racing on Saturdays during the school term, there will be no junior racing during school holidays and public holiday weekends.2018-SATURDAY RACING Junior Calendar

Also Thursday High Performance session will start on Thursday 8 Feb.  This training is for the juniors that are competing junior races at Heffron and outside Heffron park for example junior tours Goulburn, Port Macquarie State Championship, refer to attached Calendar for dates.  The spreadsheet shows dates of other junior races which the HP juniors will need to attend at least one of them.  The Club has purchased additional indoor trainers for the HP program and will be providing support for the Juniors to attend the Junior Tours and state championship. Sean Bloch will be the HP Coach and I will assist Sean.  There will be some sessions where our President Dave Jackson  (AKA Jacko) will assist if Sean or I are not available.

For any questions please contact Andrew Logan on 0419 218 192 or Andrew@loganinsurance.com.au

Typical Saturday Program Includes: (more…)

About the Juniors

RBCC is a grass roots cycling club which promotes and encourages cycling to junior boys and girls in a fun and relaxed manner, instilling what will hopefully become a lifelong love of the sport.  As long as your child can stay upright on a bike without training wheels, they can join in our junior programme, with some of our littlies joining us at 5 or 6 years old.  By the age of 15 or so (depending on ability and enthusiasm) the children can move onto the senior grades to race and/or move to a Grade One cycling coach. (more…)

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