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Located in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs. Everyone is welcome to join our Friday Coffee Ride!


Results 18 February 2017

Thanks to all who raced on Saturday.  A good day was had by most and the weather stayed fine!  Thanks to the fabulous volunteer team of:  Darren Byers, Angus Leech, Daniel Kong, Michael Bogoevski, Russell Bartlett, Sue Henry and Trevor Perry (First Aid).  Thanks also to our Chief Commissaire, Richard Jenkins and to Bob Bykerk for taking some amazing photos (which are on our Facebook page!).


A Grade: 

1st:  Jeremy Hopson (Bicisport)
2nd: Matt Backhouse (ESCC)
3rd:  Scott Butler (RCC)

B Grade: 

1st:  Troy Fisher (Sutherland)
2nd: Brent Gavin (Sutherland)
3rd:  Damion Ryan (RBCC)

C Grade: 

1st:  Alex Krawchuk (RBCC)
2nd: Joshua Lee (RCC)
3rd:  Michael Fantin (RBCC)

D Grade: 

1st:  Hugh Harvey (RBCC)
2nd: Brayden Bloch (RBCC)
3rd:  Paul Serov (RBCC)


Race Results 4 February 2017

A Grade:
1. James Nicol (Manning)
2. Shaun MacWillian (SUVelo)
3. Jeremy Hopson (Bicisport)









B Grade:
1. Damion Ryan (RBCC)
2. Antoine Gizardin (RBCC)
3. Brent Cowin (Sutherland)










C Grade:
1. Josh Clark (Rapha CC)
2. Alex Krawchuk (RBCC)
3. Sam Carroll (LACC)










D Grade:
1. Mia Barry (Rapha CC)
2. Fiona Kwok (RBCC)
3. Brayden Bloch (RBCC)

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