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Great results by RBCC Golden Couple (well bronze & silver anyway)4-10-16-sue-jacko

This year the Riverina town of Griffith was host to the Nationals and over 350 cyclists from all across Australia made the journey to Griffith.  Unfortunately in the lead up to the event the area has had a lot of rain causing widespread flooding around a lot of the region.  Things were looking ominous as for those of us driving from Sydney we encountered very heavy rain all the way to Griffith on Friday with water across the road in lots of places.  However we all made it and went to bed Friday night praying the rain would stop for the road race the next morning.  Alas the weather gods were looking after us and we awoke to a lovely, albeit fresh, morning.  The wind was up a little but at least it wasn’t raining!!!  (more…)

Masters Road Championships – Orange – 30 April 2016

by Sue Henry
The beautiful town of Orange was the venue for the 2016 State Masters Championships. RBCC had 22 members participating during the course of the weekend and it was lovely to see the camaraderie between us all and just as importantly our supporters. One of the highlights was meeting the “other” halves who I am sure we would all agree, without them what we do would not be possible!

2016 Orange States


Week 3 – RBCC Waterfall “B” group Waterfall ride

It was great to see approximately 30 safety conscious RBCC members on the Waterfall “B” vehicle escorted ride today.  Thanks to Anna Fortuna for being the tail safety car driver for us complete with Track pump, spare tubes etc.  A very solid, safe, well behaved and much enjoyed ride.    The ride will only get better but can I make these observations which will I hope will assist in that regard:

Nothing causes more dummy spits than delays from multiple punctures.  Riders will start saying, “I have to get home – I have a such and such appointment to get to”, etc etc and ride off and leave the bunch.  This happened on our inaugural outing  plagued with 4 punctures.  Punctures are inevitable but they can be significantly decreased if certain procedures are adopted.  Firstly DO NOT use patched tubes.  If you are doing a 90km ride with your mates, make sure you have new tubes in your tyres.  Our sponsor Bike Bug has them from about $5.  Surely that is not going to break the bank.  Secondly, studies have shown that 80% of punctures happen in the final 20% wear of a tyre.  It is false economy riding your tyres to the canvas.  You will spend more on tubes than if you had thrown the tyre away and bought a new one.  Leave your old scrubber tyres at home too and buy a couple of decent tyres for the Waterfall ride.  Again Rocky has decent tyres under $50, perhaps even $40??    Waterfall is a fast ride, especially the sprint at the end.  Think about your own safety and that of your club mates.  You don’t want to be having blow outs at 70kph down the highway.  Finally, check your tyre pressure before you go.  You are going to get “Snake eye” punctures from underinflated tyres.cronulla_bunch30mar14


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