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Beat the Bonk (Glycaemic Index explained)

Carbohydrate is the fuel preferred by your muscles.  As JENNY BROWN explains, just like petrol there are grades of carbohydrate fuel – it depends on the GI rating.

This article is reprinted courtesy Bicycling Australia magazine March 2002, Lake Wangary Publishing Co Pty Ltd.  Bicycling Australia is available at most newsagents and good bike shops and is published 6 times a year.

 Thanks to Jenny Brown for allowing us to reprint this article in the RBCC Web Site. Jenny is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Sports Dietitian with a private sports nutrition practice located at Winning Edge Nutrition, Busselton, Western Australia.  Her qualifications include a Bachelor Applied Science, Nutrition and Food Science and Postgraduate Diploma in Dietetics.


The Pedalling action

The Pedalling action

This area is of the utmost importance and all coaches should endeavour to produce the maximal pedalling efficiency in their cyclists.

The main application of force to the pedals is in the downward thrust or ‘push phase’ and needs little learning. The technique of drawing across the bottom of the revolution arc and upwards to the start of the downward thrust is to be learned and continually re­learned. The action involves a lowering of the heel as the downward thrust of the pedals takes place and a lifting of the heel as the pedal begins the upward movement of its revolution, and is termed ankling. (more…)

Speedplay Lubrication Tips –

Many riders neglect their Speedplays. They will wear out faster.

If they spin more than one turn when you spin them with your finger then they need lubrication.
A Speedplay Gun is best but you can use another gun if it has a small enough injector needle.
It must also have the correct grease. Non water soluble as specified by Speedplay.

You only have to remove the outer screw. Do not remove the plug.
Force the grease into the screw hole until it exudes from the spindle.
Make sure the plug remains in snug and replace the screw.

Wipe of excess grease. It takes about 2 minutes.
The pedal will now spin freely only about a half turn. This is correct.

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