Randwick Botany Cycling Club

Located in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs. Everyone is welcome to join our Friday Coffee Ride!


heffron-course-mapThe RBCC club house is located in the Heffron Park complex off Robey Street, Maroubra.

Racing takes place on the Heffron Park Criterium Circuit.  This 2.04km track consists of a sequence of tight left and right corners, including the infamous ‘squircle’.  The surface itself is fast and flat, with the exception of two small risers – good for traveling speed in the big chain ring.

heffron-circuit-satelliteThe track is about 6m wide at most points allowing a two-abreast group to overtake a slower two-abreast group in relative safety even through the sharp corners. The surface consists of mainly concrete with some sections of bitumen.

Whilst it might look like a good course to get away from the bunch, there is always a good breeze at Heffron so be prepared to do a lot of work out there by yourself.  It is only the very fittest riders who can ride away from a bunch on this course.

The Start/Finish line is located just south of the car park. Prior to the start finish is a straight of about 400m allowing for a really fast sprint finish. From the 400m mark (see map), the track is labeled in decreasing 50m increments.


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