Randwick Botany Cycling Club

Located in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs. Everyone is welcome to join our Friday Coffee Ride!

Monday 4G/3G ride

A group
This is the main RBCC ride which leaves CP Randwick gates at 6am sharp.
Captain (the ever capable) Morry. 
This is mainly  for the stronger riders ie B graders and A graders.
B group – please sms me your mobile number.
This is designed for those C grade and D grade riders not quite up to the A ride pace.
It will leave Hyde Park (college and william) usual spot at 6am  prompt.
The idea is to have a bit of an easy  head start up the highway to Turramurra.
If the A ride catches us we will maintain our B ride pace.
We will not expect them to wait for us at any point but if they wish to slow down they are of course welcome.
It is advisable to choose your group at the beginning and then stay together.
The core B group will stay together and will not chase the A group.
All recruits to the B ride will be waited for at the usual strategic spots ie after each hill.
Make sure you have my phone number 0405554347 and SMS your phone number to me in case of an unusual delay.
The assumption is that you are capable of a 100km ride and have done so fairly recently.
BOTH groups will decide on their 4G options at the Galston summit.
Safety is important at all times:
Please check your tires, air pressures, batteries, cleats etc before you leave.
At traffic light changes the B group will not necessarily chase the A group through if the groups are big.
Do the descents at your own pace as it makes little difference if you are slow.
All riders need to be sure you each have sufficient water, a spare tube, air,  food etc
The front riders of each group will make the call on amber lights so be prepared for both options ie to stop or to roll.
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