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Randwick Botany Uniform Policy for Saturday afternoon racing.

Everyone should be aware of Randwick Botany’s policy re wearing of uniform at Saturday racing.  The following is at the bottom of every race report:

Randwick Botany Cycling Club are well aware of the Cycling NSW uniform regulations.  However as race promoters we reserve the right to implement our own local race rules. All riders must race in their club registered uniform unless exempted as per the following circumstances. If your club has run out of stock of uniform (and this is confirmed by a club official) you may having sought permission from the promoter, race in a plain white or black jersey.
If you are entitled as a registered member of a Cycling NSW or Cycling Australian registered or International team, to wear registered team uniform.  All male (non junior) registered team members will be required to compete in the  A grade event.  Female registered team members and Junior male U17 riders on restricted gears will be allowed to compete in B grade event.

Now there are only 19 approved team uniforms on Cycling NSW website.

If you are not a member of an approved NRS team, or a professional team, or a member of one of the above 19 approved state teams, you will be ineligible to race on Saturday afternoons unless you compete in your registered club uniform.  We will be turning people away from next Saturday so be warned.


Updated: December 22, 2016 — 1:28 pm
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