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Results 26 July 2014

A GRADE 18 laps 36.36km,  Time: 00:52:34, Avg Speed: 41.50Km/hr,  Avg Laptime: 00:02:55 a26july14
1st Julian Hamill (EASTS)
2nd Liam Kelly (CARAVELLO)
3rd Robert QUINN (SYDUNI)
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B GRADE 16 laps 32.32km,  Time: 00:49:05, Avg Speed: 39.51Km/hr,  Avg Laptime: 00:03:04 b26july14
1st Michael Bolt (MANLY)
2nd Anthony Aitchison (SOUTHX)
3rd Matthew GREENWOOD (RBCC)
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C GRADE 14 laps 28.28km,  Time: 00:47:22, Avg Speed: 35.82Km/hr,  Avg Laptime: 00:03:23 
c26july141st Nicholas Wainman (LACC)
2nd Brendon McKEON (RBCC)
3rd Brad LANE (RBCC)

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D GRADE 10 laps 20.2km,  Time: 00:40:18, Avg Speed: 30.07Km/hr,  Avg Laptime: 00:04:02 
d26july141st David Bullock (SYDNEY)
2nd Hugo GASPAR (RBCC)
3rd Dominik HRUBY (RBCC)


Special Thanks

A huge thank you to all the helpers in the chart below, all of whom pitched in at the 11th hour when we were short of helpers.  They were very much needed and spent a good hour on brooms and shovels to get all the water off the course which had flooded after this mornings downpour.  There is no way racing would have gone ahead without this fabulous effort.  Thanks guys.

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CLUB SPONSORS (see logos right)
Randwick Botany Cycling Club is proudly sponsored by a number of sponsors all featured to the right.  Our major sponsors are   Vantage Freight, Carroll & O’Dea Lawyers, Bike Bug North Sydney, Marchese Partners & Costin Roe Consulting.   Bike Bug is offering all Randwick Botany members a discount off parts and accessories.
To help us facilitate great, safe and enjoyable racing at Heffron Park requires contribution from our members.  Your contribution is vital in that without your assistance we would be unable to conduct these races.  You can see the Duty Roster here.  To nominate to assist on a date, please go here.  REMEMBER – We need you there at 1.30pm to help with track set-up.  If you turn up late then it will be deemed that you have not completed your 1 day per year duty.
Riders Please Note
Randwick Botany Cycling Club are well aware of the Cycling NSW uniform regulations.  However as race promoters we reserve the right to implement our own local race rules. All riders must race in their club registered uniform unless exempted as per the following circumstances. If your club has run out of stock of uniform (and this is confirmed by a club official) you may having sought permission from the promoter, race in a plain white or black jersey.
If you are entitled as a registered member of a Cycling NSW or Cycling Australian registered or International team, to wear registered team uniform.  All male (non junior) registered team members will be required to compete in the  A grade event.  Female registered team members and Junior male U17 riders on restricted gears will be allowed to compete in B grade event.
If you for any reason wish to change your grade (as recorded in the computer), you will not be allowed to at Registration. Grade changes will only be authorised by me (John Buckton).
See you Saturday.

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