Randwick Botany Cycling Club

Located in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs. Everyone is welcome to join our Friday Coffee Ride!

Duty Roster

In order to facilitate racing, members will be called on in the main only once per year to assist with track setup and marshaling .

Each week there will be approximately 8 members rostered on with one designated “Captain”.  Your captain will contact you and work out when you are needed, but generally track set-up starts at 1.30pm and concludes at 4pm following the completion of racing.  Other jobs on the day include manning the canteen and registration desk, marshalling on course and assisting during the race with spares etc.

9/9/17Brett Annesley (Captain)

9/9/17Steven Antunovic
9/9/17Mark Bakovic
9/9/17 Maurice Baroni
9/9/17Mark Bell
9/9/17Ross Brennan
9/9/17John Bennett
9/9/17Dominik Hruby
16/9/17Conor O'Daly
16/9/17Conor O'Daly
16/9/17Simon Brophy
16/9/17Van Tung Bui
16/9/17Kyle Bullock
16/9/17Danny Burgess
16/9/17Josephine Camporeale
16/9/17Les Chappell
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