Randwick Botany Cycling Club

Located in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs. Everyone is welcome to join our Friday Coffee Ride!

Duty Roster

In order to facilitate racing, members will be called on in the main only once per year to assist with track setup and marshaling .

Each week there will be approximately 8 members rostered on with one designated “Captain”.  Your captain will contact you and work out when you are needed, but generally track set-up starts at 1.30pm and concludes at 4pm following the completion of racing.  Other jobs on the day include manning the canteen and registration desk, marshalling on course and assisting during the race with spares etc.

27/5/2017Darrin Tucker (Captain)
27/5/2017Michael Kwok
27/5/2017Matthew Brown
27/5/2017Padraig Kennedy
27/5/2017Gary Brouwer
27/5/2017Rob Easton
27/5/2017Nick Bowd
27/5/2017Bernhard Apachou
3/6/2017Con Karantonis (Captain)
3/6/2017Jared Smith
3/6/2017Paul McCutcheon
3/6/2017Mary Bonanno
3/6/2017Robert McDonald
3/6/2017Terry Doherty
3/6/2017Sheryl Rotondo
17/6/2017Hendrik Van Calcar (Captain)
17/6/2017Lindsay Menday
17/6/2017Stuart Harvey
17/6/2017Ian Ross
17/6/2017Andrew Galvin
17/6/2017Noel Lamey
17/6/2017Anthony Fortuna
24/6/2017Conor O'Daly (Captain)
24/6/2017Grant Roe
24/6/2017Greg Smart
24/6/2017John Thomas
24/6/2017Jose Rodriguez
24/6/2017Mark Leach
24/6/2017Geoff Baxter
1/7/2017Sebastian Meyer (Captain)
1/7/2017Brendon McKeon
1/7/2017Bert Jansen
1/7/2017David Stevens
1/7/2017Flavio Roncolato
1/7/2017Ben Heuston
1/7/2017Matthew Greenwood
1/7/2017Peter Heywood
15/7/2017Brad McGarry (Captain)
15/7/2017Greg Prerau
15/7/2017Nick Tselios
15/7/2017Rodney Chaplin
15/7/2017Bertrand Philippe
15/7/2017Greg Smith
15/7/2017Hamish Nicol
22/7/2017Iain Maxwell (Captain)
22/7/2017Nirut Rattanapacharakom
22/7/2017Tyron Bicknell
22/7/2017Jean-Paul Williams
22/7/2017Nicholas Allan
22/7/2017Brett Thomas
22/7/2017Darren Anderson
22/7/2017Nicholas Leach
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